BCBIS is a nationally licensed insurance agency and brokerage that delivers unmatched scale, service, expertise, and carrier access to small and mid-sized business. Our firm responds to smaller business client needs in ways previously only available to Fortune 500 companies.  BCBIS is proud to protect the financial security of businesses, and tens of thousands of private individuals and families throughout the country.

BCBIS is recognized as a superior provider of service in risk analysis/HR management and overall policy services with its clientele.  Our clients understand that cost control of insurance policies is the result of being with the right agency. The most successful business owners know it is critical to consider their insurance agency and agent, as key staff members of their own business. Such owners and managers put the insurance agent and agency, through rigorous job placement processes, similar to all other key employees.

BCBIS is unique in the consultation services we provide and coordinate for our customers. Your BCBIS agent or account manager can help arrange all of your company’s benefits administration, claims management, and human resource compliance, along with a plethora of other insurance needs. We personalize our service to provide clients exactly what they need. If you wish, one phone number or email address can be your sole point of access to all that BCBIS has to offer.

BCBIS provides comprehensive health insurance and risk management solutions. Our custom products are built on the specific needs of our clients and are based on trusted cost effective strategies to mitigate, transfer and defer risk. As industry leaders and resource experts, BCBIS will guide you through risk utilizing aggressive and creative underwriting techniques.